Andy is a graduate student at Johns Hopkins and comes from a background in health care technology consulting. The seeds for Canyon Labs were planted in 2015 when his electronic medical record was stolen from an insurance company. Two years later, after enduring an OCR audit with a hospital consulting client, he resolved to help healthcare providers protect the privacy and security of their patients’ data.



Eric is a full-stack developer who started his career as an Aerospace Engineer and enjoys code as crisp as a morning wind. Since he changed career paths, he has built applications for several healthcare-related companies. He loves the satisfaction of creating a high-quality product, and working with the Canyon Labs team has been the most satisfying yet.



Will is a visionary and leader with over 20 years’ experience as a business owner and executive. He has experience centered in operations and business growth with proven success in systems development and implementation.   He is an experienced team builder, communicator, mentor, and trainer. Will has a passion for excellence and customer satisfaction that inevitably leads to better compliance and patient care.



Adam is a cybersecurity professional who began his career with an interest in medicine. During college, he shifted to IT and has continued to work in the industry with a focus on cybersecurity. He’s excited about marrying his passions for healthcare and cybersecurity and hopes to bring about greater security awareness across the medical field and help ensure that all practices take an active role in protecting their patient’s information in the age of the massive data breach.